About Business Solution


KPS provides valuable services and pre-sales consultancy to our channel partners and customers. We will continue to provide services that will address specific business needs as well as help our cus- tomers adhere to and enforce their own internal business objectives and policies. All of which will be delivered and supported in a manner our customers have come to expect from KPS.


Mobile Solutions

KPS can help solve common challenges in your
organisation related to mobile workers and
employees accessing and printing documents
from their smartphone or tablet.


Information Management
& Workflow

KPS can help solve workflow inefficiencies with
powerful, end-to-end solutions and customised
workflows to optimise business processes.


Output Management

KPS can help solve common challenges in your
organisation related to excess printing,
document security, and output reporting
and accounting.


Device Management

KPS can help solve common IT challenges
and manage costs associated with
maintaining a large print fleet.


Document Capture
& Distribution

KPS can help solve document workflow
challenges to increase productivity
with streamlined, automated processes.

Your business is our business.