Our Mission

At Kemet Printing Services print is our passion. Our Managed Print Services (MPS) are designed to enhance your business processes for the effective capture, management and distribution of information, through the global provision of superb services and innovative technology.
We offer a flexible approach to print management, working closely with you to design and deliver the best value solution to meet your current and future needs – a solution that delivers continual improvement and control consistently across your entire organization while supporting you with your own business objectives. We also provide you with a single access point to all our business services that ensures a smooth transition and implementation on both a global and local level.



Business Solutions

KPS provides valuable services and presales consultancy to our channel partners and customers. We will continue to provide services that will address specific business needs as well as help our customers adhere to and enforce their own internal business objectives and policies. All of which will be delivered and supported in a manner our customers have come to expect from KPS.

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Vertical Market Solutions

Innovations in document and data capture technology are changing the way we do business. Distributed capture using common multifunction printers (MFPs) is helping to extend the value of capture to the edges of the organization; speeding the pace of business, increase collaboration and workflow, and reduce the expensive burden of paper in many key business processes.

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Managed Print Services

Managing your own print infrastructure and processes is a costly and time-consuming drain on resources. Document production is typically one of the biggest expenses for an organization, costing up to 3% of revenue. Yet many organizations don’t have the time, staff or expertise to effectively monitor or manage their print environment.

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